Friday, August 22, 2008

Pondo ng Pinoy Site

As the time progressed, the Church also grows in continuous support for the message of Christ's love and compassion for the people of God in words and in action as living witness here and now. The work is vast but we tried to accomplish it with courage little by little. The theology of crumbs can feed a lot of people. But the Lord is constantly asking us to "you give them something to eat".

As part of the proper information dissemination of the vision, mission, purpose, projects, activities and people involve of the Pondo ng Pinoy in the Diocese of San Pablo, this site has come to conception. It was been planned before but it was not pushed through. After consultation with the ecclesiatical authorities. It was been decided that this is a necessity to consider and must be given some time and effort.

Rev. Fr. Noel Conopio is the Diocesan Director of the Pondo ng Pinoy.

With the help of God, we entrust all our efforts.

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