Friday, August 22, 2008

Project Proposal Format


I. Identifying Information

Project Title:

Project Type: (Microfinance, Micro-enterprise, Education, Health, Housing, etc.)

Type of Beneficiaries: (Farmers, Children, Fisher folks, Urban Poor, Women, etc.)

Project Site:

Parish: Diocese:

Proponent Organization Name:

Type of Organization: (People’s Org, Coop, Social Action Center, Parish Organization, etc.)

Proponent Address:

Tel. No. Fax No. E-mail Address:

Contact Person/s: (Names, Designations, Contact Nos.)

Total Project Cost: Funding Requested: Proponent Counterpart:

II. Project Description

a. What issues or problems of the target beneficiaries does the project wish to address?

b. What is the socio-economic situation of target beneficiaries?

c. What are the specific needs of target beneficiaries and how will PnP funds be used to address these needs?

III. Objectives of the Project

a. What are the objectives/output of the project?

b. What critical activities will be undertaken to achieve the objectives of the Project?

c. How will benefits obtained from the project be sustained/enhanced?

d. Describe the potential of target beneficiaries to attain self-reliance or assume responsibility for community development after project end?

IV. Project Management

a. Who are the key officers and staff, if any, who will be involved in implementing the project? (Please state names and positions.)

b. How will target beneficiaries be involved in managing the project?

c. How will the project be managed? What are the internal monitoring and evaluation procedures?

V. Funding Requirements

Expense Items


PnP Funding

Funding from other Sources


VI. Organizational Profile

Please describe the organization. Include information on the organization’s vision, mission and goals, area of operation, number of members as well as types of projects previously implemented and the organization’s track record in implementing these projects.

NOTE: Please submit all documents enumerated in the attached checklist together with the proposal


Organization-related Documents

1. Notarized Board Resolution or Pastoral Council Resolution, if the proponent-implementor is the Parish or the Diocese, indicating the following:

a. Intent of the organization to secure financial assistance from the Foundation.

b. Commitment to safeguard and properly use the Foundation’s financial assistance and to make available at all times their books of accounts and other documents pertinent to the supported project

c. Assignment of project assets in case of default in payment in the case of loans.

d. Willingness to participate in trainings and formations that may be required by the Central Office and to undertake all other necessary activities to improve projects implementation

e. Names of at least two authorized representatives who will sign all documents pertaining to the project

2. Copy of SEC registration. Copy of PCNC/CDA/DSWD registration/accreditation for proposals involving financial assistance of P500,000 and above

3. Copy of proponent’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

4. Audited Financial Statements of Proponent for the last two years

5. Curriculum Vitae of the officers and management staff of the organization.

NOTE: Requirement #s 2-4 are not applicable to proposals originating from the Parish or the Diocese.

Project-related documents

1. Location map showing project sites/areas

2. Detailed financial schedules of proposed budget, projected income statements, cash flow (including notes and assumptions). If project will be implemented across Parishes or Dioceses, the proposed budget should be broken down according to project sites.

Project-specific documents

1. Business Plan (if project is an enterprise)

2. Guidelines for Revolving Credit Funds (if applicable)

3. Documents showing proof of approved funding (if the project will use counterpart funds from other donors)

4. Plan, drawings, specifications for infrastructure, machinery and equipment, etc. (if applicable)

5. Training Design (if applicable)

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